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We build Digital Solutions for Community, Career & Recruitment process.


Position Yourself

Juxta is our talent insights platform (Native to HeXTalent).Juxta is not another Job Board. It is a PRIVATE positioning platform allowing talent to position themselves with detailed holistic insights.Personally & Professionally.

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People & Culture

HeXTalent started with a passion for People & Culture. We are big believers that this function when steered by effective leadership & high-quality talent, can deliver incredible organisational outcomes


It is our belief that agile businesses with a future-focused Technology approach will remain relevant. The world is changing and new business ecosystems are emerging to disrupt.

Corporate Functions

A thriving organisational culture, with employee & customer experience front of mind, is only possible through a collaborative effort. This is where synergy across carefully interconnected Corporate Teams will help to drive your business success.

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